A boutique salon specializing in luxury haircare.

Experienced Stylists. Creative Results.

You look a certain way with a haircut. You feel a certain way with SALT. 

Salt approaches haircare like a medical spa approaches skincare: we focus on the health of the hair to ensure a beautiful final product that radiates from the inside out. Our team specializes in custom styles and colors, and we take into account the client’s perspective on the overall artistic creation of a hairstyle. Between our stylists, they have many years of experience and provide outstanding customer service to every client who walks in our doors.

We believe achieving beautiful hair shouldn’t come with a price for our planet. At Salt, we stock KEVIN.MURPHY products — all are sulphate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. KEVIN.MURPHY also ensures they source ingredients from companies who promote organic growing practices and environmentally-friendly harvesting techniques.

At Salt, you can shut out the chaos of life: walk in, enjoy a coffee or tea, and take in some quiet moments focusing on something very important: yourself. 


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